StartUp Profiles

#1. StartUpMetrix                 Rating (1-5): 3.92    (# of viewers:    # of investors:   Graph % funded)

Stage: In development

Seeking: $200,000.00          Use of funds: finish development, launch and run StartUpMetrix for the first year

Level of support: $100

StartUpMetrix is looking for: mentors

StartUpMetrix News: We are building our web site.

Startup Website: 

Field of Innovation: Startups , Crowd Funding, Marketing.

Executive Summary:

     StartUpMetrix is a crowd funding StartSp site with a unique, proprietary rating system for validating StartUps.

     StartUpMetrix helps startups with world changing ideas grow beyond the concept and seed stages.


Management Team:

      Alexis Wilke: CTO – Expert software analyst/developer, 20+ years. Experienced in all major operating systems, development and business tools. Inventor, US Patent 7,170,490 real-time digital tracking device used by 100+ television stations worldwide. Alexis has been a director in four companies:

            Made to Order Software: CEO – software development. Moved business from England to the US.

            AWA-TV: CTO/Partner – broadcasting company, sold patent to Weather Central.

            Wild by Associate: Owner – a computer printing company.

            Infacto: Partner – a video game company.

      Norman Allen: CEO – StartUpMetrix, Infinity Station. Author: Knee-Tap Methodology, an ergonomic guide to adjusting computer workstations. Retail, wholesale and manufacturing.


Contact Information: Norman [email protected]

530-253-2100 office

530-253-3389 home

530-781-2200 cell

PO Box 70

Janesville, California, 96114   USA