Why is rating StartUps important? StartUps that find people interested in their concept, products and services have a better chance of finding funding from the Public and Investors.


What is crowd funding? Many people coming together, providing funds for building StartUps. People interested in StartUps can participate in their success with opportunities to be involved at many levels, donations, buying products or services ahead of a launch.


What makes StartUpMetrix different? StartUpMetrix gives the Public a rare chance to participate in StartUps at their beginning by providing a forum to rate the utility, or futility, of a StartUps chance of success and participate in BetaTesting the StartUps products and/or services.

What does StartUpMetrix do?
StartUpMetrix brings together StartUps and people who would like to rate StartUps, be BetaTesters, potential customers, mentors or investors.

Who gets to rate StartUps? Any registered member of StartUpMetrix can rate StartUps.

How do Mentors help a StartUp? Mentors with experience in the StartUps field can advise and help emerging businesses succeed.

How do BetaTester pools work? StartUps who find 2,000 BetaTesters have validated their concept and have a ready pool of people interested in testing their new products and/or services, and most likely have reached their funding level.

What funding levels are available? Every StartUp has its own needs, StartUpMetrix has set a minimum viable funding level of $20.000.00 ($10.00 per BetaTester) and $200,000.00 ($100.00 per BetaTester). StartUps who find more than 2,000 Betatesters can rise above their Funding Level.

What role do BetaTesters play in StartUps?
Betatesters help a StartUp evaluate products and/or services for utility and quality, providing a valuable service to StartUps. They are proof that there is interest
and value in the StartUp and help guide it's growth.

What happens if a StartUp doesn't achieve its Funding Level?
BetaTesters can choose to have their funding transferred to another StartUp or get a refund, without incurring any additional handling fees.


How are BetaTester funds handled? Credit Cards will be billed when the BetaTester pool reaches 2,000. A handling fee of 5% will be added to the transaction.

What is Six Degrees of Separation? The theory that everyone can be connected to any other person on the planet within a series of six contacts. StartUpMetrix believes that in a large viewer/rating pool there will be one or more experts in the StartUp's field, and people who know of, or know someone who has personal knowledge of the StartUp Management Team. BetaTesters can help establish the validity of a StartUp's concept and potential for growth,

Why should I pay to be in a StartUp's BetaTester pool? When you pay into a StartUp's BetaTester pool you show that you believe in and support the StartUp, you will also receive products or services, as described, for your participation. Micro Soft and Android, etc. sell products that are in "Beta", they launch early and depend on customer input for final testing of their products. StartUpMetrix helps StartUps meet BetaTesters at an earlier stage in the go-to-market process.

What guarantee do I have that I will receive anything for my involvement? There are no guarantees. You will get a chance to participate in a StartUp that may become the next Google, or the StartUp may fail. StartUps are looking for BetaTester's who see the potential and want to be involved in the StartUps success.

What do Venture Capitalist's mean when they say "The only money you will get is from FFF."?
They are saying that the only people who will invest in your StartUp are Friends, Family and Fools. However there are many StartUps with great potential that can't find Venture Capital. During the dotCom bust 6% of StartUps find VC funding, the other 94% struggled to find money, now only 1% of StartUps that actually present receive funding.

How can I fund my StartUp?  If you don't have the cash to bootstrap your StartUp, and VC's and Angel's aren't listening, you can put a jar on the bar labeled "Help Fund my StartUp", be sure to tell everyone you meet about your StartUp and ask for money.  Or, you can  direct everyone you know or meet to your listing on StartUpMetrix.com..You might be amazed at how willing people are to help a person with ideas and goals. People in my community are helping build our new hardware store, there is amazing support from people who want to help their community grow.  I offer store discounts and pay interest. Starting just as the economy went sour, now we are on hold.
FFF, customers and BetaTesters may be willing to help your StartUp if they see:
1. A future benefit to themselves and others.
2. They like you.
3. They like your StartUp.
4. They are drunk.

People like to help, give them the opportunity, and remember that it's easier to get 1 million dollars, a dollar at a time, than it is to get 1 million dollars all at one time.